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premiereLife doesn’t always go according to plan. Tennessee emcee D.O.U.G.H. knows this better than most. When we last heard from the man born Jonathan Duo, he had released his “Another Summer” single and was preparing to put the city of Nashville on his back with the release of his HGHR GRND mixtape.

Then tragedy struck, not once, but three times. HGHR GRND was scrapped so Duo could put his family first. And if the measure of a man is how he handles his lows as opposed to his highs, no one would’ve blamed D.O.U.G.H. for leaving things behind.

He found his salvation in his faith and music. The loss of family gave a greater will to win. D.O.U.G.H. is finding his voice again with a new project entitled V!$!ON$. And he gave Day & A Dream the green light to premiere the mixtape’s lead single, “My Sanctuary.”

As its title suggests, “My Sanctuary” is about finding a place amidst the chaos – for D.O.U.G.H., that’s his car. “It was my only source of refuge during my times of hardship,” D.O.U.G.H. told Day & A Dream. Country rap meets the gospel on the Zen-produced track, its thumping bass a welcome complement to D.O.U.G.H.’s gravelly-voiced rhymes and singing on the hook. He’s riding recklessly in search of peace of mind, choosing catharsis over consequences (he raps at one point about being “fearful” upon “peeping blue lights in [his] rearview”). The whip, it seems, isn’t just a safe haven but D.O.U.G.H.’s getaway car, to get away from it all for even just a moment.

Stream D.O.U.G.H.’s “My Santuary” single down below. The emcee’s V!$!ON$ project is slated to arrive later this summer.

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