Stoppa originally posed a question in February. That question? “How To Be Legendary”. Well, he’s not exactly asking questions with his latest single “Hype Now”. Instead, he’s riding the rather jovial beat from Orlando’s Beat Joven to the point that you can boast that you have to fly to your old stomping grounds on the weekends. Yeah, Stoppa’s on that level of boasting and bragging about his exploits. “That’s how it sounds when I stay Stoppa on a $10,000 mic,” is the very first boast he delivers on the track. He moves around from Vegas to LAX to Houston and back, crashing on anybody who decides to ride the wave as opposed to create their own. In other words, the former Shostoppa pretty much is taking aim at all of the checkmarks a braggadocios rap track has, including making sure all of his shooters have Ubers as a form of getaway drivers if they do any type of violence. Yeah, that type of boasting.

Stream “Hype Now” from the Houston-to-Vegas rapper & Beat Joven below.