DJ Chose & BeatKing seemed to be destined to do this forever. If they’re not telling a woman to “Throw Dat Ahh”, they’re claiming their position in the club when things get wild on “Stand Behind Her”. They get it and that it is figuring out how to manipulate radio, whether it be local or national when it comes to crafting hit records. BeatKing has had at least one record dominate radio for the past six summers, dating all the way back to “Crush” and “Hammer”. DJ Chose arguably had the biggest Houston rap song for 2014 to 15 with “Everywhere I Go”.

“Run It Up” is again, DJ Chose & BeatKing enjoying their element. If it’s not about women, it’s about money and somehow “Run It Up” does something once thought of as absurd: get BeatKing for a little autotune on the second verse. Chose may give us some puns and one liners in regards to “The Bag” but BeatKing admits the preferred substance in his double cup (“double cup with the red, I don’t need no ice”), how long he’s been doing this (“stacking up this paper since 2010”) and more.

If you ever needed BeatKing & DJ Chose to be your money motivators, “Run It Up” is for you. If you need them to be financial advisors, “Run It Up” is for you. Stream the new collab between two of Houston’s club favorites below.