Back in 2014, New Orleans rapper Dee-1 debuted “Against Us”. The track back then stuck to Dee-1’s message of delivering inspirational, straight-forward raps without any compromise. Two years later, Dee-1 revisited “Against Us” and gave it a star-studded remix with two people who believed in his Mission Vision, former tour mate Lupe Fiasco & Big K.R.I.T. The visual, shot in a rather standard affair premiered earlier today via Billboard and you can watch it below.

For Dee-1, 2016 has arguably been the most profitable of his career. Years after his “50, Jay & Weezy” track first brought him to the table, celebrating being free from Sallie Mae in “Sallie Mae Back” brought him even further to the front. Weaving in the “Our Father” prayer into the hook, Dee-1 not only underscores his own potency as a rapper and a mind shifter, he brings his grandfather in to sell the point home. Even at 86, the wise man delivers a word for everyone to take in and heed. “I may be 86 but I know good hip-hop when it hits,” he says near the end of the video.

Speaking with Billboard, Dee-1 was elated about how the entire thing came together. “The line-up for this song feels like an All-Star team,” he told BillBoard. “Lupe is a legend, K.R.I.T. is a superstar and I’m the new guy making noise. Time to put some ‘respek’ on my name.”