Coline Creuzot - Numb

You can’t stop a woman on a mission. And make no mistake: Coline Creuzot is on a mission to make something Timeless.

When Day & A Dream interviewed Coline earlier this year, the lovely Houston-born, Cali-residing singer enlightened us on her process, the things that inspire her music, and also gave us a heads-up on a project she had in the oven entitled Timeless. “I wanted to do an EP, so it could be like an appetizer,” Creuzot told us back in January. “Truth Is,” Creuzot’s infectious drop from last fall, provided the first taste of Timeless as the EP’s first single. Now, Creuzot is rolling out Timeless with two brand-new singles. Frequent Creuzot collaborator Happy Perez – who produced “Truth Is,” as well – produced both tracks.

“I wanted to use diverse sounds so I could drop a song that appeals to everybody,” Creuzot said of her decision to drop two singles instead of one. “I wanted to choose a fun single for the summer, but also wanted an emotional single.”

As its artwork implies, “Numb” is the latter “emotional” single. “Numb” depicts Coline at maybe the most vulnerable on wax the songbird has ever been, having reached a breaking point with her lover and severed all emotional ties with him. If “Numb” pulls at the heartstrings, then “Show Me” is its polar opposite. The clear radio single of the two, “Show Me” is upbeat, flirty, and daring, even, as Creuzot demands that her man “show [her] something” deeper than sex.

Stream Coline Creuzot’s “Numb” and “Show Me” singles down below. Creuzot’s Timeless EP is expected to land later this summer. We’re also curious to hear which of the two singles our readers like most – vote for whether “Numb” or “Show Me” is your favorite now via our Twitter poll.

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