DJ AudiTory x Beyonce - LEMONADE

The last time DJ AudiTory took it upon himself to chop & screw a Beyoncé album, he offered up his take on Beyonce’s 2013 self-titled effort and it, well, took off nationally, to say the least.

With Bey’s latest LP, LEMONADEmaking its rounds and officially energizing the singer’s fanbase – while making new fans out of some listeners as well – in the wake of her current Lemonade Tour, it was only right that the Houston-based DJ put his C&S touch on the Third Ward-hailing singer’s sixth album. Tory, smartly, waited to release his “Chop Theory” version of the LP after all the emotions and thinkpieces had been processed and rattled off. Well, most of them, anyway.

“The potency and liberation of this album is really one that kind of shocked me,” AudiTory said of LEMONADE. “[Beyoncé] has more of a multi-faceted sound [now] that can be appealing to a lot of ears.” But instead of just building on the sound of LEMONADE, DJ AudiTory’s version turns the project into something that’s sonically different but just as riding and engaging.

For example, Tory slows down intro track “Pray You Catch Me,” and turns Bey’s solemn intro into damn near gospel music. “Sorry,” the album’s most “Houston” track, is reduced to a crawl but still thumps and rides in all of its purple glory. The DJ tones down the frantic guitars on “Daddy Lessons,” making them smoother and the song’s country feel more apparent than ever. And AudiTory’s chops turn the war cry that is Beyoncé’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, “Freedom,” into a Negro spiritual with an HBCU band playing in the background. It’s a refreshing (no pun intended) take on the new album.

Stream DJ AudiTory x Beyoncé’s LEMONADE C&S here by way of the DJ’s website and download the mixtape for yourself here.