G.U.N. x Cardo - Gun Got Wings

If you were to look up the word “consistency” in the dictionary right now, you’d likely find G.U.N.’s name somewhere in that definition. The Dallas rapper who occasionally sings has an impeccable work ethic, one which keeps the artist dropping projects one after the other yet with enough space between them to where he isn’t exactly flooding the market.

It only makes sense, then, that one of the rising stars out of the D would link up with a producer whose name is firmly established at this point, but whose star is also still on the rise. G.U.N connected with Cardo Got Wings due to a mutual appreciation for each other’s sound – and the end result of that, is #GunGotWings, the rapper’s newest EP completely produced by Cardo.

With Guy ATL serving as the mixtape’s “host,” #GunGotWings is six tracks of trunk-thumping goodness. It not only builds on the momentum G.U.N’s last tape, ’24 Hours’; but it also bubbles with breakout potential. “Geek It Out” is already proving to be a fan favorite and could become a song of the summer. Cardo’s sinister synths shine at their brightest alongside G.U.N’s slightly hushed flow and commitment to the money on “Check.” And outro track “Pot to Piss In” might sneak into a ratchet shake joint playlist or two across the state.

Stream and download G.U.N x Cardo’s #GunGotWings mixtape down below, via LiveMixtapes.