In what Charlemange described as the shortest Breakfast Club interview ever, Cash Money CEO Birdman walked into The Breakfast Club’s proverbial den, asked that they stop playing with his name, cursed them out and then rolled out when pressed about a secondary issue. If anyone knows the status quo with The Breakfast Club, you know they usually don’t hold anything back in regards to news and speculation in hip-hop, especially considering that Birdman’s name has popped up in more salacious headlines over money mismanagement, lawsuits and beefs with Rick Ross & Trick Daddy over his handling of his “son” Lil Wayne. Before the interview even went on-air, Birdman promptly scolded the entire crew from Angela Yee to DJ Envy to Charlemange Tha God.

“I wanna start this shit off straight telling all three of y’all stop playing with my name,” Birdman opens. The trio obliges him but he continues, “Stop playing with my fucking name. Period.”

The move was far more street than say, “my publicist has already informed you that these topics are off limits”. Once the interview “started”, Birdman attempted to act as if his word was bond but Charlemange asked a rather appropriate question – “did you pull up on Ross that way? Or Trick Daddy?” It’s quite evident that even though Birdman thought there wasn’t an issue, there obviously was for him to call out the radio show in person. Plus, saying “I knew a few places you was at and I could have pulled up but I didn’t think that was gangsta, I wanted to look you in your face like a man and tell you how I feel. If there was an issue, you’d feel me.”

From there, Birdman promptly walks out, ending the interview at a brief 49 seconds by my guess. Angela Yee’s deadpanned “Alright” easily sums it all up. Such a weird thing to happen since Birdman is set to be releasing two albums this year but he wants respeck on his name. Period.