News broke late Wednesday night that former WWE star Joanie Laurer, better known as the ‘9th Wonder Of The World’ Chyna had died at the age of 45. Thousands of fans offered their condolences to Chyna and her family as well as wrestlers from across the globe offering their sympathies. When the wrestling world loses someone as impactful as Chyna in such dire circumstances, everyone hurts.

That everyone also included Triple H, Laurer’s former boyfriend and on-screen partner for some of Chyna’s more influential and important times within the WWE. As part of D Generation X, they were inseparable. When Triple H won his first WWE Title in 1999, Laurer was right there to congratulate him and so on. Anyone who became a fan of the WWE during the Attitude Era knew the two were yin and yang and you can’t even begin to discuss one without the other. He offered his condolences early Thursday morning while part of the WWE’s current tour of the UK.

Given the nature of Chyna’s departure from the WWE or even her denial into the WWE Hall of Fame, Triple H’s words may have fallen on deaf ears to some. Last year, he was asked about whether or not Chyna deserved a place in the Hall after being a trailblazer for women’s wrestling. His response was rather problematic without exactly mentioning the fact that she had previously done porn, just as former WWE star Sunny had prior. Regardless of what she had done outside of the ring, Chyna meant plenty to millions of young fans and despite her and Hunter’s strained relationship, they both at least recognize how important both of them were to one another.

Speaking with The Mirror during a promotional interview of the WWE’s current European tour, Triple H opened up more about Chyna’s passing, citing that he was still “coming to grips” with her sudden passing.

“It is obviously tragic and clearly my well-wishes go out to her friends and family.

“Brilliance sometimes, and that ability to push barriers and boundaries and be a pioneer, is often connected closely with other things that aren’t so positive sometimes, and demons, and unfortunately that is the case.

“Man, [she was] just a great person, an amazing talent, a ground breaking pioneer, that was never afraid to go out on a limb and blaze her own trail through life.

“She never took, and when you’re choosing a path [you can say] ‘hey here is a path let’s go down that one’ or you can blaze your own path and burn it up and create something for others to follow, and that’s what she did, and that star shone bright, but unfortunately burned out way too fast.”

He continued when the topic of her inclusion into the WWE Hall of Fame arose:

“You know it’s not my decision, but I definitely think, as I have said before, that what she did in her life certainly warrants it.

“There was never anybody like her before her, and there will never be anybody like her after.

“It’s certainly warranted and I’m sure at some point when the time is right, hopefully, that could happen.”

As I wrote on Twitter yesterday, it’s a shame that now Chyna may possibly gain entry into the Hall in death rather than in life. You can read the full interview with The Mirror here.