There may be one universal thing that unites the Bloods & Crips of America, their disdain of Donald Trump. It’s no secret that Trump’s run for the Presidency has been nothing short of a breathtaking stretch in racism, zionism and any other phobia you can think of. “F*ck Donald Trump” has been a rallying cry all over social media before Trump became the clear cut front runner. YG & Nipsey Hussle just happened to make a song that summarizes the feelings of a large sect of the population. “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” — and it bangs (no pun intended).

The gist of “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” is that it’s a West Coast boogie song with a clear & simple message. The video, which almost got shut down by the LAPD thanks to how many people gathered around to participate, is a mostly black and white affair. YG & Nipsey unite several Los Angeles area neighborhoods, getting everyone from Anglos to Mexicans and beyond to team together to “Make America Great Again” … by not voting for or even agreeing with one thing that is a reminder of Trump.

“When me and Nip link, that’s Bloods and Crips / Where your L.A. rally? We gon’ crash your shit,” YG raps on “FDT” and he literally means it. There are pissed off Hispanics proudly waving the Mexican flag, pissed off Bloods & Crips calling for a temporary truce with a union of colors and more. It might be the first political rap song you want to walk to and you can see the video for “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” below.