JMSN - It Is-cover

Though JMSN’s much-awaited It Is. album is still a little less than a month away from release, that hasn’t stopped the singer from dropping song after song from the impending project to whet fans’ appetites. “Good Intentions” kicked things off, and he released his “Most Of All” single at the top of the month, as well.

Today, JMSN dropped another leak from It Is., “Hypnotized,” and it may be his most sonically ambitious drop to date. “Hypnotized” draws upon island riddims that perfectly complement JMSN’s vocals. The singer usually floats along murky synths and lurks and stalks along the beat; on “Hypnotized,” his high note bounces along as the instrumentation warbles, ebbs, and flows like an ocean tide (that beat flip at the 2:20 mark, by the way, damn near changes the whole complexion of the song, in a great way). To his credit, JMSN does his best Bob Marley impression on the track as well, by sort of employing an imitation Jamaican accent at certain points of his verses. It’s pretty hard to resist island wining one time to this one.

Stream JMSN’s “Hypnotized” single down below. JMSN’s It Is. LP touches down May 6th, though the album can pre-ordered now on iTunes.