Erykah Badu is and forever will be many things on this Earth. Musician, doula, inspiration, muse, chanteuse, mentor, the very representation of Dallas of an adjective. All of it fits Badu. In a recent profile for The New Yorker, writer Kelefa Sanneh uncovered a new hat for Badu, one that is just as colorful as it is immediate and fancy. Much like her former beau Andre 3000, she’s heading to animation, providing the music for a brand new animated series, Legends of Chamberlain Heights for Comedy Central. The show is helmed by famed The Boondocks & Black Dynamite artist Carl Jones who will serve as co-executive producer.

“I’m acting as the conductor and the orchestra,” Badu told Central Track in an exclusive. “I have to look at the clips they send me and create all of the music from scratch, acquiring sounds and musicians along the way.”

Jones’ name has been brought up in numerous conversations recently, not just for his legendary work in bringing two cult favorites to life. He’s also Badu’s latest beau and the belief in Legends of Chamberlain Heights is so strong at Comedy Central that beyond its initial 10-episode run this September, it’s aiming to be the network’s next South Park. According to Jones, it’s a “top priority” at Comedy Central and will follow the now two-decade benchmark for crude adult cartoons.

Here’s a brief synopsis of Legends Of Chamberlain heights via CT:

Co-created by former UCLA basketball players Quinn Hawking and Josiah Johnson, Legends of Chamberlain Heights tells the story of three friends who ride the pine on their high school basketball team in the fictional urban community of Chamberlain Heights. Says Jones, who notes that there are some tonal similarities between Legends of Chamberlain Heights and his previous work on The Boondocks: “They are legends only in their own minds. They sit on the bench on their basketball team, but they also kind of sit on the bench of life.”

So far, Badu has completed seven episodes worth of work. Doing her best to avoid certain licensing situations, she’s made due with original compositions, some of her own as well as collaborations with Dallas producer PicnicTyme and Booty Fade, the Dallas duo composed of PicnicTyme and DJ Sober.

“The dope thing is we’re getting a sound that’s totally unique from most shows — and not just animated shows,” Jones told Central Track. “She’s giving the show such a unique fingerprint. From a creative standpoint, it’s cool to get an original Badu sound. It gives the show a certain charm. It’s amazing, man. She’s incredible. I feel like the sky’s the limit for her. She should be scoring feature films. She has such a sense of story; it’s just something that’s innate to her. I don’t think anyone’s ever seen a show scored like this. She’s such a huge component to the show. It’ll be such a visual and audio experience.”

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