Before we discuss Four Free, Kyle Hubbard’s brand new EP composed in one rather frantic all-nighter, we need discuss the moments that got there. Since returning from Houston and recording a full album in Majestic Hotel, Hubbard aligned himself with Roologic Records, the city’s newest and probably most engaged label. Surrounded by multiple talents and like minds, Kyle Hubbard & Roologic seemed like a good marriage. However, the two amicably split.

“DJ Discipline, when we were rehearsing for South By Southwest, he was like, ‘You really need to put more music out,’ the rapper says. “And at first, I was like, ‘Dude, fuck that. I don’t have the time; I don’t have the willpower. I’m not into that at all right now,’ Hubbard told the Houston Press. “And then, the thing me and Roologic happened and I thought, ‘Well, I need to do something. I need to kind of reassert myself and show everybody that everything is going to be operational as usual.’”

Four Free arrived last Friday, complete with features from some of Hubbard’s favorite rap people in the world. Mark Drew & Guilla finish the tape on a bonus, “Prayer Hands” but not before passing off to the likes of T2 The Ghetto Hippie & Mississippi rapper Fred Nice & FullMetalFDot. Hubbard’s solo work on Four Free comes with the opener, “Turnin Heel”. Taking his love and zest for wrestling and in particular CM Punk and marrying it to rhyme, Hubbard mixes his own movements solo wise and compares it to some of CM Punk’s more legendary promos, including the bomb he dropped on The Rock in January 2013. Booker T naturally closes it all off.

For Hubbard, Four Free is another Houston rap tape that keeps up with his own sembalance of life. There are songs about life, songs that pick up the city’s musical baton and some, like the DJ Discipline assisted “Heated” where he announces his name, yet again for all to hear and appreciate. Longtime collaborator Djay Cas produced the entire thing and it’s all Kyle Hubbard. Stream Four Free via Kyle’s Bandcamp page below.

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