Through his gruff voice and introspection, Gee Watts may have delivered his best message from the pulpit so far. His “Grammys” track that arrived back in February came straight from the streets, sitting on the roofs of cars watching cars stop, pass and go. The isolated horns and drums that whip with every bend come after Watts has begun chanting how it was one way when you thought it could have been another way. Now the official video for “Grammys” has arrived and the Mike Hurst and Bam Keith produced cut comes to life even more than your imagination made it out to.

Discarded pizza boxes, trips to the bodega, taco trucks and more, the “Grammys” video from Gee Watts displays his view of Kansas City, Missouri. The “family”, those that Watts has eaten, struggled and survived with are also prominently featured as the camera pans high on the land of the Royals. On that diamond, K-City is the best in the world. In Gee Watts mind, he could be the best on another dirt path where home is the primary refuge. Instead, he wants to make home everywhere he can go.

Watch the “Grammys” video below. Gee Watts’ CaviART project is on the horizon and shaping to be the best moment Gee Watts has had on the microphone yet.