Ant Watts - Won't Do

At the end of the day, most men just want to feel appreciated. If anyone understands this, it’s Ant Watts. The Houston rapper was a lothario just a few months ago, insisting that it went down whenever he had a girl “At The Spot” and eager to find out “Vicki’s Secret.”

For “Won’t Do,” his first single of 2016, however, Ant Watts takes a different approach. Ant is ready to settle down (“I gotta wedding ring with your name on it”), but the woman he has in mind is getting too comfortable for his liking. Opting for a melodic flow and singing on the hook, Watts spends four minutes on “Won’t Do,” toeing the line between spite and fair warning. He’s rooting for her, and he wants her at his side; but if she’s not ready for that, Watts ain’t ashamed to admit he has options on standby.

Stream Ant Watts’ “Won’t Do” single down below.