Good news, Z-Ro & Slim Thug have a new song together. It’s called “Shake Life” and presumably will end up on Hogg Life Vol. 4. Want the bad news? “Shake Life” still doesn’t mean that we could be finally getting Z-Ro & Slim’s collaborative album King N Tha Boss. Why? Well, its been four years since “Summertime” and during the promo for the first Hogg Life album, a large chunk of the records originally planned for King N The Boss with Slim & Ro ended up there, or spread out over the remaining Hogg Life projects.

“I don’t even know how to speculate on that shit,” Ro said to us last year. “Cause at the end of the day, it’s like Slim said, “the shit too old now. Let’s just split it up and put it on our own stuff.” According to Ro, there’s still 38 Slim Thug & Z-Ro songs from those sessions that still haven’t made the light of day. Well, 37 if you count “Shake Life” hitting the world today.

As you can assume, “Shake Life” from Ro & Slim is all about “top notch” getting the most and not the lesser, a parade of strippers getting money in Houston and both men having access to any of them on any given day of the week. Houston luxury is all about getting things far easier than the next man without having to resort to jacking people. Nobody may know it better than real estate Slim & the Mo City Don. Stream “Shake Life” from Z-Ro & Slim Thug below and purchase the single on iTunes.