Club Onyx has vaulted ahead in the mythical Houston strip club rankings based mostly from Mr. Wired Up’s Tip Out Confessions on Instagram, a steady supply of dancers, a relaxed atmosphere and its biggest spokesperson: BeatKing. Last month in Austin for SXSW, BeatKing sat down with HotNewHipHop to discuss his five favorite strip clubs, starting with Club Onyx at the top spot.

“That’s like home, I’m always there,” BeatKing says. “That’s the most comfortable strip club to me. I mess with all the others in the city but, I could lay down in there! That’s home for me, plus the wings.”

Second was V-Live, the Houston stamp from Eric & DJ Big Tho that has decided to franchise itself with new locations in Dallas and Louisiana. BeatKing still loves the wings and DJs at Dreams of Houston and rounds out his top five with hat tips to Velvet Lounge & Crazy Horse on the Northside, which ironically enough has taken over the Northside strip club title from Zona Rose (formerly Harlem Knights).

Watch the full interview below. BeatKing’s Club God 5 is available now.

Image via Fact Mag