Regardless of how long you’ve been following Mayer Hawthorne, the Ann Arbor born, Los Angeles residing and Man About Town singer, you can recall the initial moment he hooked you in. For some it was his 2009 debut, A Strange Arrangement which parlayed retro-soul with blue eyed tendencies and a flair for summery vibes. For others it was the funk and drive of Where Does This Door Go that gave Hawthorne his most public shine, the bluster of “Her Favorite Song” & the leveled drive of “Crime” with Kendrick Lamar.

Man About Town, Hawthorne’s latest album out since Friday plays to the keys he’s been mashing ever since he and Jake One brought Tuxedo into our lives. The move to Los Angeles has benefited Hawthorne’s sensibilities in melody. Man About Town sports Nate Dogg tributes (“Lingerie & Candlewax”), finger snapping grooves like “Fancy Clothes” that strongly could have been created in the 80s and not feel dated along with Hawthorne’s usual cabal of ballads. Certain items in regards to crafting R&B albums are Mayer’s strong suits. Tying in personal heartbreak and loss (“Book of Broken Hearts”, “Get You Back”) along with soothing, carefree moments of bliss have at least made his album crafting process far more enjoyable than others. Hawthorne gets that an album is all about mood, one that dares for spontaneity to arise after large sections of monotony. He’s keeping things fresh, all while stylizing his own sound even more.

Stream Man About Town, Mayer Hawthorne’s fourth official album below via Soundcloud. Support Mayer by buying Man About Town on iTunes.

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