Erykah Badu is forever beloved in the worlds of hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul. The Dallas-bred singer most recently released her solid But You Cain’t Use My Phone mixalbum last fall; and she’s teased the possibility of another mixtape to come this Spring. To say nothing of how her Twitter is a cornucopia of entertainment, and her skills on the turntables as “DJ Lo-Down Loretta Brown” are pretty awe-inspiring as well.

Next month, Erykah Badu will bring her talents to the H, as she’ll be holding court at Houston’s Arena Theatre on the last week of May – Saturday, May 28th, to be exact. While there’s no word yet on whether or not any special guests will be joining Badu, attendees can certainly expect her to revisit BYCUMP and some of her classics over the course of the concert. Who knows – she might even debut a new song here in Houston, as well.

Tickets for Erykah Badu’s May concert at H-Town’s Arena Theatre range from $70 to $100; and are currently on sale here.