When it comes to rappers from Denton, they just don’t get enough credit. But on the other hand, Denton rappers honestly aren’t too pleasing. There’s maybe a handful, if that, of rappers you can actually enjoy listening to. Other genres of music in Denton truly get more attention than the hip hop heads (look at Neon Indian and also Sarah Jaffe), but that probably has to do with Denton’s hipster vibe. However, Tree Eye happens to be one of the rappers in that handful that you can vibe to any day. One thing Denton is known for is throwing house shows. Yes, there are venues/bars in Denton for shows, but something about the house shows are just WAY more exciting, and the artists are almost always better at a house show than at a venue.

That being said, when I first discovered the Waco born, Denton-native Tree Eye, I was at a house show. He was performing with fellow Denton artist/producer, YDM. At the time, the two had just released a GREAT song titled Tree Chapo, which is the song they were also performing. When I say everyone at this house show was involved in the performance of this song, I mean EVERYONE. Everyone knew the words, everyone just surrounded them in a circle as they performed, jumping around with Tree & YDM, and then other people got inside the circle. At that point I didn’t know who had the mic or what was going on, but everyone was having great time to this Tree Chapo joint. Since then, I’ve been paying attention to these two artists for obvious reasons. They’ve got fans, good music with good energy, and they love to perform with everything they’ve got.

Today, new music has emerged from Tree Eye, with complementary production from YDM for a track titled Michael Jackson. Also featured on Michael Jackson, Tree has teamed up with Atlanta’s very own, Pollàri, who has worked with the likes of MetroBoomin’, Lil Yachty, and even Shlomo. Tree says that Michael Jackson is a preview of what’s to come with the release of a compilation EP titled “Life Series: Connections”, which will feature artists including Pollàri, Trill Mamba, J-Mart, and more. Keep an eye out on Tree’s music by following his SoundCloud below, as well as Pollàri and others. Check out the track below.

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