Finally, there’s something official coming from the OVO camp regarding Drake’s Views from the 6. In the months since “Summer Sixteen” was released, a number of suspected leaks from Drake’s fourth studio LP have surfaced, from “Faithful,” to “Controlla” and “These Days“; but none of these were confirmed.

Today, on the Tuesday before Views’ expected release date, Drake opted to drop not one but TWO official leaks from the album, in “One Dance” and “Pop Style.”

Without question, it’s “Pop Style” that will get the most attention. Three months after boasting that he “turned into Jay” and had “a bigger pool than ‘Ye,” Drake gets both Jay-Z and Kanye West to join him on “Pop Style,” reunited as their rap duo The Throne, at that. Though Jay limits himself to two bars, Aubrey bats lead-off, crooning on the hook that he wants to “turn his birthday into a lifestyle”; Kanye follows him up nicely, playing on the song’s theme of living lavishly and inability to trust others (I “take the devils out my life, and preach the gospel”).

And though it may lack the star power of “Pop Style,” “One Dance” is worth bumping itself. Recruiting Wizkid and Kyla as features, the Dancehall Drake that reared its head on “Controlla” and “Work” emerges on the track over a smooth island groove. Kyla is a nice touch on the bridge, insisting “Baby, I like your style.”

Stream both “Pop Style” and “One Dance” now on Apple Music; the singles can be purchased now on iTunes. Drake’s Views from the 6 LP touches down April 15th.