When the clock struck at midnight, it turned to be April 1st. For some that would easily mark April Fools. For Miles Davis fans, it marks the New York & Los Angeles releases for Miles Ahead, a biopic starring Don Cheadle as the erratic yet gifted trumpet player. Following a hectic day in his life long after his label considers him past his prime, the film focuses on more on Davis’ spastic actions and words rather his time as one of jazz (a phrase he hated mind you) most important authors.

For Robert Glasper, the Missouri City based pianist and composer, reworking Davis has been one of his calling cards. Commissioned by the Davis Estate to remix whatever Miles album of his choosing, Glasper created Everything’s Beautiful and the first track from the project in “Violets” with Phonte, 9th Wonder and an uncredited BeMyFiasco surfaced online. 

“Violets” marks yet another feather in the cap in the remix game for Glasper, 9th Wonder & Phonte who previously collabed on “Afro Blue” for Glasper’s Black Radio remix album. Here, Phonte is in his bag of wit & introspection, a man who says some offensive things and yet still has plenty of fans and support. Like a comedian who has zero filter in public. What makes the Glasper/Wonder/Phonte trio sound like a prized and cherished act on “Violets” is BeMyFiasco’s chorus, low in timbre but seductive enough to draw everybody in.
Glasper’s Everything’s Beautiful arrives later this year. Stream “Violets” below.