Big Sean & Jhené Aiko have collaborated with one another before. “Beware” from Hall Of Fame brought them together in a moment where Sean was on the defense after breaking a girl’s heart. “I Know” from Dark Sky Paradise united them for a tryst around South by Southwest & Austin, Texas of all places. Needless to say, the two have a remarkable chemistry with one another and they’re the latest to add their name in the growing pot of duo collaborations. What used to be the makeup of message board conversations is now occurring at a rapid pace, producer/rappers, rappers/singers, rappers/rappers. It’s all boiled down to artists like the Twenty88 kids in Sean & Aiko taking more risks and trusting their creative process with another ear in the room.

Twenty88 may be the first collab of the digital era that marries the sexes on matters of love, both sensual and emotional. There’s no other way you’ll get Big Sean & Jhené Aiko together on a song called “2 Minute Warning” with an assist from K-Ci & Jojo, plus Detail. Since both artists are pulling their own weight here, it alternates between full out love songs and Sean inching further and further into being a far more appreciated rapper, both from a casual listen standpoint and a technical one.

You can stream Twenty88 from the duo exclusively via TIDAL, and on the duo’s official website as well. The album is out now on iTunes.

Big Sean & Jhené Aiko, Twenty88 Tracklist
01. “Déjà Vu”
02. “Selfish”
03. “On the Way”
04. “Push It”
05. “2 Minute Warning” (Feat. K-Ci & JoJo, & Detail)
06. “Talk Show”
07. “Memories Faded”
08. “London Bridge”