Jed The Fameless - IDK Anymore (Remix)

When we last featured Jed, The Fameless, nearly a year ago, the Houston by way of Richmond emcee had dropped “Therapeutic MindState,” the title track of what was then an album in the making for him. Instead, Jed opted to release an EP, A Night With A Ghost – so entitled because it was produced entirely by Ghost McGrady – a solid effort albeit very much slept-on.

In 2016, Jed, The Fameless won’t settle for “solid but slept-on.” The rapper has a new project on the way this year; and to get the ball rolling, he’s remixed one of the standout cuts from ANWG, “IDK Anymore.”

The “Nocturnal Thoughts Remix” of “IDK Anymore” features Mufasa Enzor on the beat, providing jazz-like instrumentation with an emphasis on the percussion. The things that run through the minds of many of us and keep us awake at night, bother Jed The Fameless, too. The drive to succeed, the desire to give something back to your city, the role God plays in all things – these and more come up in Jed’s three-and-a-half-minute stream of consciousness lamentation. But it’s not the witty The Rock and Paul George references that make “IDK Anymore (Remix)” memorable: it’s Jed’s flow itself, as the rapper cleverly tailors his cadences to Enzor’s instruments in a sort of lyrical exercise.

Stream Jed, The Fameless’s “IDK Anymore (Nocturnal Thoughts Remix)” for yourself down below.