In case you missed it, Tory Lanez performed at Fader Fort for the very first time this year at SXSW. And for this being his first time, I’d say he did an excellent job considering Fader Fort completely shut down for the day right after his performance. But it should be mentioned he didn’t shut Fader down on his own. With the help of some unwanted bad weather that day, Tory ended up being the headliner, but nobody exactly knew this was going to happen. He certainly gave a headlining performance in all aspects, complete with his signature style of performing atop his fans. It’s almost like a statement within his performance…like, “These are my supporters, and they’ll support me in my music, as well as physically when I perform on their heads.” And that they did! Tory walked from left to right, front to back, sideways, diagonal ways, and any other way on top of the crowd. He climbed all the way to the back and then up on to some sort of railing where he sat looking over his fans. Once the performance was over, the clouds had become extremely dark and Fader was telling everyone to evacuate. So, I’d say it was 90% Tory and 10% bad weather as the cause of Fader Fort being shut down. Despite 2 Chainz being the original headliner, it’s safe to say that Tory successfully got the job done! Check out scenes from the performance below.