We’ve already delivered some words on Batman v Superman. Most of us who’ve seen the film liked it, loved it even. The gargantuan numbers for the film at the box office have opened an interesting debate in regards to film critics versus the viewing audience when it comes to comic book movies. Yet and still, Zach Snyder and Warner Bros still aren’t completely done milking the film for all its worth. A special, R-rated edition of Batman v Superman is set to hit retailers in the coming months once the theatrical run for the film is complete. Along with the tag of a R-rating, fans will also see thirty minutes of film that was cut from the final theatrical edit of the film.

Dawn of Justice did happen to pack in one minor tease for the upcoming Justice League movie due out next year — the villain. Warner Bros. overnight decided to throw fans a bone with a bit more explanation into the villain choice though judging by the clip, you’re left to draw your own conclusions if you’re not a DC buff.

The scene, titled “Communion” by Warner Bros. features a squad of soldiers positioning their way into General Zod’s ship, the one the government gave Lex full clearance to before the Senate hearings on Superman. The camera pans to an unidentified alien taking ownership of three Mother Boxes before turning into ash in the air. The soldiers place their sights on Lex, halfway submerged in the fluid he used to create Doomsday. Just as Lex pans to face them, the scene’s over and we’re left to assume that either the soldiers got killed by Lex’s hand, Doomsday or something else entirely.

Most have suggested that the alien in the clip is Steppenwolf, the uncle of Darkseid. If that logic proves correct then that would explain Lex’s rambling to Batman during the end of the film after Lex sees his red hair shone off and he sports his bald look for the first time. Lex constantly promotes the appearance of “he” and if “he” is Darkseid then well, it’s pretty much a family affair that makes Lex Luthor the smartest and most dangerous man in all of Metropolis.

Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition is said to come out later this summer.