Paige Wells - Runnin'

Paige Wells calls herself the “Best Kept Secret.” Though the phrase is cliche, it’s not a total lie – the Indiana-raised but Los Angeles-made singer is known, but perhaps not as well-known as she ought to be. She has over 700 followers on Twitter and her Instagram count is closer to 500, even as she’s good for posting tidbits of inspiration and encouragement on the latter. She’s adopted “think & grow” as a life mantra, and it’s safe to assume her star is one of the things she’s expecting to grow.

“Runnin’,” Paige Wells’s take on the similarly-named Adrian Marcel single, might make her less of a secret. Recruiting Waves on the beat for production, Paige’s voice on “Runnin'” is haunting in its admonishing, calling out a man who she wants to love but who keeps leading her on. It’s Wells’s ability to string emotions over the smooth instrumental that makes “Runnin'” worth the listen – she effortlessly marries fed-upness with disappointment and an urgency of the moment (“I had so much to say,” Paige opens up each verse).

Paige Wells has the talent; and with “Runnin’,” she has #ThePulse, as well. Here’s hoping the California singer is only just beginning her season of her growth.