Snoop Dogg is a Hall of Famer in many fields. West Coast Hall of Fame, potential Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, the list goes on. But, with the wackiness going on with the WWE Hall of Fame this year, it’s only right for the Doggfather to get inducted into the celebrity wing this year.

Snoop Dogg’s connection to the WWE has been pretty well known. He guest hosted an episode of RAW in 2009, appeared at two WrestleManias (XXIV & XXVII), clotheslined someone, posed with Hulk Hogan and then some. His most impressive feat? Taking a young Sasha Banks to her very first WWE event as a kid. In other words, Snoop Dogg may partially be responsible for the female version of Shawn Michaels hitting the squared circle.

Snoop joins a list of 2016 inductees including Sting, The Fabulous Freebirds, Stan Hansen, The Godfather, Big Bossman & Jacquline. Snoop’s the most recent inductee into the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame, joining the likes of Pete Rose, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pete Rose and current Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The WWE Hall Of Fame airs Saturday, April 2nd at 9 / 8 c.t. on the WWE Network. Snoop’s involvement with the massive weekend in Dallas may not just be relegated to his HOF induction. His cousin, Banks may have a surprise in store when she hits the ring to battle for the Divas Championship in a Triple Threat match.

“Maybe you should watch WrestleMania and you might see it, you never know!” Banks told Rolling Stone in a recent profile. “I don’t need someone to walk me to the ring every week and hold my hand like Charlotte does, but Snoop can make an appearance once in a while. Some people need their daddy to hold their hand and walk them down to the ring, which is fine. Some people need fire to have an entrance, which is OK. But I’m a Boss. I don’t need that stuff.”