Following the tease of their debut single, “Waitin On” and its slightly-NSFW video, Boi Dru & JayKell’s NTheClouds duo have released their self-titled debut album. Two soloists by nature, Boi Dru & JayKell put their individual talents together and have taken weeks and months crafting their idea of a jazzy, well manicured rap album. Much like their prior work with groups like Solutionn or in Jay Kell’s case solo projects, the two’ve made certain that their personalities don’t overlap one another. It’s how a track like “Have You Seen Her” works as less hobnobbed, clunky Q&A rap song.

Clocking in at a lean 8 tracks, NTheClouds sports production primarily from Decap (“Waitin On”) and a one off solo moment from Brady Wyatt (“French 75”). The full length NTheClouds album is available for free download as well as purchase on iTunes.