K. Michelle - MITV_cover

Hard to believe, but K. Michelle’s on her third studio album in four years. She may have had her beginnings and established her notoriety by way of VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta TV series, and she may have her fair share of drama; but the singer is smart enough to channel that drama in her artistry and make it sound good, with an impeccable work ethic, at that.

More Issues Than Vogue, the follow-up to K. Michelle’s 2014 album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart and possibly her last soul album – the singer has stated repeatedly that she’s more interested in making country music – releases today in stores and online, but for those still not sold on the “0 F*cks Given” songbird’s talent, K. Michelle is allowing the full LP to be streamed online for free.

Twelve tracks in length, MITV keeps the features to a minimum, with only appearances from Jason Derulo, Trina, and Yo Gotti. Whether it’s in her music, her Twitter, or her conversations, unflinching honesty has always been K. Michelle’s staple, and that holds true. Lead single “Not A Little Bit,” for example, has K. Michelle brushing aside suitors who may think she “needs” them without hesitation.

But where More Issues Than Vogue especially succeeds, is in showing how versatile K. Michelle can be in her sound. “If It Ain’t Love” and “Time” hint to the potential crossover appeal K. Michelle might have, taking their cues from country music. “All I Got” lets the singer’s high note take center stage over a ’90s R&B-esque beat. And as the presence of Yo Gotti and Trina on the track suggests, “Rich” is the album’s sole club-worthy cut.

Stream K. Michelle’s More Issues Than Vogue album down below. The LP is available now on iTunes.