DJ Auditory has made a habit of screwing & chopping records at the pace of a rabbit looking for a prize. Nearly three years ago, he hit a high when Beyoncé took his “hear it soon as it lands” approach into an audience that had previously been foreign to him. His fluid nature in chopping records is straight-forward, looping himself and his ears into the music until a mix suitable for him and the rest of the world is produced. He’s built a hefty portfolio off of this. Auditory’s side love is crafting his own version of Screw tapes, pulling in an artist or a friend who happens to have a peculiar ear and have them pick a format & a theme. These are the LuvItMane tapes. Where the original ones featured Los Cosby, LuvItMane Live! features Jay-Von on hosting duties for 28 tracks split over two sides.

Jay-Von & DJ Auditory’s LuvItMane Live! could have been crafted on the grounds of Lakewood Church; that’s how gospel yet Houston appropriate it is. Mid-level only in public perception rappers with shit to prove in Relli, Von, Big Fatts, Trilly & Express all have some of their older or newer tracks pop up on LuvItMane Live! along with cuts from Sauce Walka, Just Brittany, DeLorean, Pimp C, DJ Chose & Scarface. In order to grab both sides, you have to head to DJ Auditory’s official site to hear it, including a brand new Houston tinged collaboration “Flossin” between Jay-Von & Bobby Earth.