What happened to Connor Evans? The California kid had not only crafted a solid buzz with various releases but seemed poised for a rather organic ascent. Then, like most 21st century musicians, Evans had to step back and rediscover himself. In his words, his two-year absence from music was the result of a need to “focus on getting my life back on track after some personal problems and life changes.” Earlier this week, Evans released “Ganja,” a reggae tinged cut crafted alongside Nashville artist Villz. The lead single from The Vibe, “Ganja” takes on a tone befitting of all of Evans’ recent adjustments in life. Now living in the Virgin Islands, Connor Evans took cues from his current situation to craft “Ganja,” opting for introspection about life before maneuvering into his player ways while Villz delivers a rather sturdy, lifted hook. You can stream “Ganja” below.

In a conversation with The Smoking Section, Evans revealed his plans for the future and broke down why escape from being a creative was necessary:

“One of the guy’s from the team I’d been previously working with reached out to link me with a connect,” Evans said by email, “he had out in the Virgin Islands who wanted to sit down while he was visiting LA. I decided to take the meeting with no expectations. Fast forward a few months and we kept in touch and periodically discussed potentially working together.

He continued, “After a trip out to the islands where I spent a week shooting a couple of music videos and working with a shaman partaking in an ayahuasca ceremony, I had an entirely new perspective on life. I knew then I needed to give this a real go or I’d regret it until the day I died. I quit my job and moved to the island and haven’t looked back since.”