After a day of bad weather, event cancellations, event delays, and Fader Fort completely shutting down for the night, FLOOD Magazine’s annual FLOODFest event during SXSW decided the show would still go on. Making the way there, you can hear the sounds of falsetto vocals over long, sweet synth sounds. Inside, Gallant is serenading the entire venue with his most popular song out right now, “Weight In Gold.” Gallant continued the rest of his set with intense emotion and some serious high notes. Normally, you hear singers on the internet or through headphones, and they sound great. Yet when you see them live, they just don’t sound the same. However, Gallant breaks this stereotype, as he sounds exactly as he sounds through headphones as he does live. It’s truly a gift to be able sing the way this man does. If you haven’t checked out his most recent works, head on over to his soundcloud here.

After Gallant had finshed his set up, the vibe switched up a bit for Long Beach rapper, Vince Staples. Now Vince…he’s a funny guy. If you’ve ever seen him live, you know how witty he is and how he interacts with his fans in such a unique way different from any other artist. He isn’t afraid to say whatever he wants, and he has fun with his time on stage. And on top of that, he’s a great artist. At this performance, a fan kept screaming out Vince’s name and eventually Vince said, “What’s up? Why do you keep yelling my name out?” Some more words were exchanged and Vince replied, “You look like you like animals bro. You like animals?” The fan yelled back, “I LOVE HIP HOP!” Everyone in the venue was laughing at this point due to Vince reiterating what just happened. “I asked this kid if he liked animals, and he just responded back with I LOVE HIP HOP! What does that even mean?” He showed love to the kid though, getting his name and having the whole audience give him a round of applause. As for Vince’s performance, it seemed as if maybe he was having some asthma issues, but besides that he gave a great performance, per usual. Check out scenes from Gallant’s performance below, as well as Vince Staples.