The center of Brad Jordan’s universe as a youngster? Third Ward, Houston Texas. Scott St. has always acted like a split between Texas Southern University and the University of Houston, two completely different worlds that are in actuality far similar than they would appear. It’s also combined with Dowling, Tierwester, and the block enclosure from Martin Luther King onto Truxillo that make up the hardest sections of the area. The fabled Cuney Homes rest on Truxillo and they are the centerpiece for Scarface & Z-Ro’s ode to stand-off mannerisms and regular gruff Houston tough talk, “Fuck You Too” from Deeply Rooted.

Z-Ro is only on hook duties here as Scarface stands on a block like a makeshift pulpit and rolls off lines like hard hitting liver punches. “I live like I spit it, Raised by the wolves so my mentality is ‘get it’,” Facemob raps on “Fuck You Too”, proving that the strings and codas from “G-Code” with The Geto Boys was life; far bigger than a song that ended up in a Chrysler commercial. What precedes the video to “Fuck You Too” is a mini-commercial for Deeply Rooted, the best Houston rap album to exist in 2015 and one of the more lauded albums nationally. Scarface doesn’t need the accolades; his bona fides are stronger and more understood from the streets to the wards to the rappers who fetishize about living the life. Deeply Rooted just proves that one particular O.G. still has all of his stripes and tools necessary. Purchase the LP here on iTunes.