Last Friday, Hulk Hogan delivered the biggest leg drop of his life. He won his lawsuit against Gawker Media after the media company released his sex tape without his consent. The sex tape not only cost Hogan his best friend in Bubba The Love Sponge (it was Bubba’s wife in the tape with the Hulkster), it cost Hogan his job with World Wrestling Entertainment after it was discovered Hogan used the N-word repeatedly during the duration of the tape. How did a Floria jury rule in favor of the Hulkster and his racist comments and bad sextape where he had to tell a jury he was playing a character in regards to the size of his manhood? The jury awarded him $115 million in damages and $25 million in punitive damages. In other words, Hulk Hogan currently looks like this, proper formal black du-rag and all:

Now that the Hulkster has won his suit (the jury did allege that the leaked tape helped cost his ouster from the WWE), he wants back in the beloved company that scrubbed his name from the Hall of Fame, video games and pretty much all of existence. According to Hollywood Life, a source close to Hogan (presumably Brian Knobbs) says that returning to the company where he became a larger than life figure, 6-time WWE Champion and the most popular wrestler of the 1980s is at the very top of his to-do list.

“Hulk Hogan is beyond pleased with the results [of the lawsuit] and is looking to get his life back in order,” said the source. “And he would love his job back with the WWE.” Hogan was hosting the WWE’s competition reality show, Tough Enough, when the scandal took place and he was removed from the show as well as many of the promotions on the WWE Network.

It’s worth noting that Hogan dropping the N-bomb repeatedly is what got him fired, not sleeping with his best friend’s wife in a sextape we all didn’t want to see. Still, WWE Chief Executive Officer Triple H commented on a possible Hogan return when the firing first broke. “For me, I hope so. It’s about reinvigorating his brand and him as a human being and the confidence within the world as to who he is,” he said.

Hogan has pretty much promoted his dreams of coming back to the WWE right in line with the Gawker trial, stating that he would be in the Dallas area WrestleMania weekend to even going so far as announcing that he was training for the event itself. WWE welcoming back with open arms wouldn’t be that far of a stretch considering that they’re about to elect a noted racist into their Hall of Fame in Dallas … this year.