Houston R&B singer Denaron is stuck in a rut. Namely he’s got one woman on his brain that may seem like a bright idea but is a terrible one according to his friends. In the video for his buzzing “Body” single with Brian Angel, the two scheme up a night to take Denaron’s mind off one woman and move onto another.

Knee deep in some of the old tropes and ideas that are now R&B video staples, Denaron’s “Body” finds him captivated by a dancer, one he saw on Instagram and him vocalizing all of the thoughts on his mind. Her silhouette causes him to speak in terms of sexuality, her grace and moves forcing him to attempt to conjure up words befitting of nights in the bedroom and trysts that lasts for days, maybe months. The bedroom ready single offers Denaron as a lover who applies his sexual nature as well as his sensitive and nurturing one all at once.

Watch Denaron’s “Body” video below. As a bonus, watch his recent interview with KhanTxt, a solo one-on-one revelatory interview platform where he discusses his love for old school R&B, his writing process & more.