GT Garza pays tribute to Big Moe, the Screwed Up Click legend on “U Remember”. Taking cues from Moe’s 2003 track “Just A Dog”, “U Remember” is Garza having a conversation with a woman who refuses to believe that he’s a rapper, shocked to recall him as a teenager getting into silly things before becoming a fixture on local radio. You can watch the video where GT Garza transitions from recording in the studio to enjoying the company of his beau below.

In a recent interview with The Source detailed his appetite for hustling within state limits. “I’ve learned that from studying and talking to Slim Thug. He taught me the pop up shop game, pulling up on people and meeting face to face. You can drive from here [Houston] to El Paso and it’s 13 hours and there’s so many towns that just want to see an artist, someone on the come up or someone they thought they would never see.”

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