The first night of FADER Fort 2016 needed a headliner. A headliner that people trust & someone who always wanted more. That DJ? Metro Boomin. With talks of either Future or Young Thug being brought out during his set, all of this turned out to be another one of those SXSW rumors. Nonetheless, Metro brought out friends including DJ Esco, Future’s current DJ, and Philly’s Lil’ Uzi Vert. Between Metro & Esco, these two have hits on top of hits on top of hits, both having a hand in Future’s rise in 2015 and Metro’s own individual success with The Life Of Pablo. Metro Boomin sets are designed with one thing in mind, creating raw energy and sustaining it for hours on end. Esco, a literal mascot and one of the best representations of Atlanta right now bounced off the stage like a pinball just waiting for something to crash into.

It’s not longer about just making beats for Metro Boomin. Even without a rapper attached to him, he can still tour and throw parties of his own. Thankfully, Fader Fort happened to be one of those parties and there couldn’t have been a better set to close out the night. Check out scenes from the show below.