Recent Def Jam signee Desiigner made an appearance at Fader Fort on Wednesday, and what a performance he gave! He received a great introduction from the president of G.O.O.D. himself, Pusha T, and the crowd excitedly welcomed him. While everyone wants to compare Desiigner to Future, after seeing him live, you just can’t compare him to Future. As Future’s number one fan, I can assure everyone that this dude isn’t like Future at all. Sure, his voice may sound like Future’s, but his whole stage presence, his energy, his dancing, his songs…all of these things are just so unique to Desiigner’s style, and things you wouldn’t see Future doing at a performance. Future is more charismatic on stage while still getting his crowd as hype as they do, while Desiigner…well, he’s honestly like a bat out of hell in the best way possible. It’s almost hard to keep your eye on him because he is moving around so quickly! Desiigner also released new music at the Fader Fort this year, that being his song titled “Pluto.” Although just a snippet was performed, expect the full song to surface soon. There’s far more to Desiigner than just panda, panda, panda!