What once found a home on Soundcloud may find a new one on Apple Music. Previously unofficial remixes such as the platoon of “I Love Kanye” flips were removed from the long standing music service. Now Apple Music has brokered a deal that allows many unofficial remixes to be able to be streamed with all of the artists involved cashing in. Apple said it reached a deal with digital music distributor Dubset that permits Apple Music to publish remixes and DJ sets that previously drew the ire of the RIAA and labels to copyright issues. According to Billboard , it’s the next logical step for producers and DJs to have their mixes heard without any restraint.

“It’s a huge step forward for the music industry to be able to deliver mixed and remixed content into legal services,” Dubset CEO Stephen White told Pitchfork.

Dubset revealed that it will use its new MixBank platform to deliver the mixes and remixes to Apple Music. MixBank was created to identify each song and then scan the copyrights against licensing rules set by the owners of such copyrights. “Everyone’s getting compensated,” White told Pitchfork in a statement. “The label gets paid, the publisher gets paid, the DJ gets paid.”