Some filmmakers treat SXSW the same way comedians use Los Angeles’ The Laugh Factory to work on material. When Seth Rogen premiered his new film Sausage Party in front of a packed audience at this year’s festival — the results were pretty simple, uproarious laughter.

Sausage Party, set for an August 12th wide release features a secondary side to the life Pixar first introduced us to with Toy Story and recently with Inside Out. This time, we’re looking at the point of view of food and them discovering their purpose in life is well, basically gruesome sacrifice for humans. Rogen plays Frank, a sausage who is split from his beau, a hot dog bun (Kristen Wiig). A supermarket accident separates them and Sausage Party turns into an R-rated, foul-mouthed trek for the food to find their way back.

Rounding out the cast? An A-list group of talent including Edward Norton spoofing Woody Allen as best as he possibly could to portray a bagel, Salma Hayek, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, Michael Cera, Craig Robinson and more.

According to Rogen, Sausage Party wasn’t even finished when it made its SXSW debut this week. “There’s shit that’s drawn by hand,” Rogen said. “You’re truly seeing something that no will ever get to see in the world.”

Still, he loves the opportunity SXSW gives to talents, including comedy guys such as himself and Sausage Party co-writer Evan Goldberg. “It’s the only festival that treats comedy even remotely equal to the other genres,” Rogen said. “I’m thrilled to be showing it to you guys.”

Watch the NSFW trailer for Sausage Party below.