Now that the madness of Buku is over with, we’ve decided to share with you a collection of images covering the special faces and some other special featured performances of the weekend. On top of all the amazing artist performances, there were many other different things that had our attention, including Big Freedia making an appearance at Buku vending at her “Big Freedia’s Soul Food” booth. Serving up Booty Poppin’ Potatoes, Twerk-A-Mein, and Cucumber & Tomato Salad, she had a team of twerkers, cooks, and of course, the sounds of bounce rap all around them. Kid Cudi had also made an appearance on Friday, as well as Crystal Castles and Aluna George. The Buku Breakers, a break dancing team that had set up shop in the middle of the festival, were probably the best non-artist performance thing going on out of everything, though. These guys were doing flips, balancing on one hand, doing handstands and jumping with their arms, and what ever other types of break dancing type moves they could do. And also, a few more faces and moments of Buku have been included for you to get the best insight on this festival. Enjoy the images below, and be sure you don’t miss Buku next year!





















All images by SayBrea.

The following images are credited to the Buku team. Photo credit: BUKU/ALive
Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_224700-2253_MVDA

Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_224738-6198_MVDA

Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_225104-2293_MVDA

Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_225139-6296_MVDA

Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_225509-2348_MVDA

Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_225646-6388_MVDA

Kid Cudi_BUKU2016_0311_225652-6400_MVDA