Day two of Buku, and the sun is beginning to shine a little bit. Day one was so rainy and muddy, pretty much everyone ruined their shoes. But, you know, Future was performing on day two, and from my experience with Future and bad weather, something about his presence can change the weather from rain to sunny skies. This happened in New York last year during his performance at Governor’s Ball, and to see this happen again at Buku, I’m just going to declare that Future brings good weather with him where ever he goes. But in general, day two had many more things in store for the festival attendees, and captured as much of it as we could.

The first artist of the day to catch was Los Angeles native, Casey Veggies. Running out on stage jumping straight into the performance, the crowd went absolutely crazy. Casey Veggies has had a great run so far in his career and built up quite the fan base, but this was almost unreal. These fans knew every single word of his songs and excitedly welcomed young Veggies into the crowd when he stepped off stage to be closer to his fans. This was probably the best part of his set actually. It’s always great to see artists interact with their fans from the stage, but when they take the time to go and actually shake hands with their fans, be close to the crowd to make the show more intimate, and reciprocate that love the fans give, that’s just such a nice thing to do. It was simply so beautiful to see how happy his fans were during this moment.






Next performance of the day for coverage was the young woman herself, Khelani. Reigning all the way from Oakland, CA, the pop/r&b singer made quite the appearance, singing her 2015 hit, You Should Be Here. The song was fitting, to say the least, because hey, you all should have been at Buku. You just should have been there. Her performance was filled with tons of energy per usual, and of course, being the dancer that she is, she gave her crowd a taste of just how good of a dancer she really is. Accompanied by two other dancers, the three had coordinated a great dance routine that was nicely incorporated into whatever she was performing. Everything just flowed so well! A Khelani performance will have you so visually stimulated at how she moves, the lights, her songs…just everything about this performance was so enjoyable. This was like a breath of a fresh air from all of the other performances. Khelani definitely holds a type of uniqueness that makes her stand out from a lot of female artists, which works for her in the best way possible. Like CHVRCHES, it was a little surprising to not see her headlining, but hey, the performance was spectacular and the huge audience full of her day one fans showed her so much love.






And then there was Future. FREEBAND BANDIT FUTURE. SUPER FUTURE, FUTURE HENDRIX. LIL MEXICO. THE Pastor Future. Future’s weather changing powers, as stated earlier, took full affect during his performance. There was no more rain, the clouds were moving to let some sun rays shine on the people, and this weather stayed for the rest of the evening and into the night. How crazy is that? It just makes you think about that line in “Maison Margiela” when he says, “We go to magic and we’re changing the weather!” Do we not know something about Future? Can he really in a literal sense change the weather? We may never see this hypothesis to be a completely proven fact, but what we do know for a fact is that when the Purple Reign Tour hit Buku, the Power Plant stage had one of the biggest crowds of the whole festival. It’s almost as if everyone at the festival was over at this stage seeing Future despite all of the other artists performing. Other artists that performed that day and the day before were even there to see Future. Casey Veggies definitely had one hell of time! I may be biased, but even seeing Future as many times as I’ve seen him, his performances never get old. NEVER.








After pushing through a sea of people at Future’s set, we made it to the next performance of the night: Earl Sweatshirt. Personally, I’m not one of the die hard Earl fans, but all the fans that were in the Ballroom that night certainly were his die hard, day one fans. Seeing past Earl Sweatshirt performances, it’s seemed like the audience was always more focused on the fact that he was in Odd Future and hoping that more Odd Future members will be special guests. But now, that’s just not Earl’s focus, nor is Odd Future even really making music all together anymore. Nor is that his audience’s focus. Earl is successfully being a solo artist outside of all that, and this was clearly evident considering all of the material he was performing, whether it be old or new, the fans new every word and loved every minute of the set. But don’t get it twisted. Earl is still that same Earl that just wants to have fun and do some crazy sh*t!





Other artists performing this night included Pretty Lights, Purity Ring, and A$AP Ferg. However, we were not able to get photographs of these artists. The following photos were taken by the Buku Team. Photo credit: BUKU/ALive

Pretty Lights

Purity Ring _

Purity Ring_

Purity Ring