Considering his release pattern five years ago, Hollywood FLOSS’ recent string of EP quick strikes feels like par for the course. He’s left it up to fans to craft mixtape tracklists and managed to reel in plenty of names for follow-up releases. Its been six years since House of Dreams in December of 2010 and he’s managed to circumvent all possible ways of following everyone else’s race. The comfort level FLOSS has as a rapper has never wavered. However, he still finds a way to feel like an underdog regardless. Take “In It 4” from the recently released Lets See What Happens EP. Hollywood FLOSS, a cocksure a rapper as any member of T.H.E.M., admits to sometimes praying to God to having more talent than his peers. Lets See What Happens is the next EP in line following Nature Of The Game from a little over eight months ago. Produced mostly by New Dersey Beats, the EP mostly features FLOSS toppling moments revolving around his confidence, the nature of the rap game and more. There are outliers, namely “Lookin’ Familiar” where FLOSS angles around a woman that keeps moving away but most of it centers around Hollywood FLOSS attempting to figure things out – a veteran at navigating roads that aren’t as tepid and filled with rapper cliches.

Stream Hollywood FLOSS’ Lets See What Happens EP down below via Soundcloud. Download it via Audiomack.