Dallas rapper G.U.N’s release schedule is already as complicated and spread out as possible. He & Atlanta rapper KEY! decided that in the middle of both their own self-created insanity in regards to releasing new music that the two would drop a joint mixtape. 24 Hours from KEY! & G.U.N is about as skimpy as a light shrimp dinner, 4 tracks and less than 15 minutes in all. Produced mostly by Gnealz outside of the opening track “10 Bricks”, the EP flip flops between G.U.N. lead tracks featuring KEY! and KEY! leading the way while G.U.N provides the rasp and threats right behind him. The Krooks & DJ Flip “10 Bricks” drives with serious 808s (pretty much every 24 Hours track has them) and a few snares while Gnealz dabbles between light xylophones (“Money 2 Get”) and organ stabs (“Ahh Yeah”) to push the point home. Stream 24 Hours from KEY! & G.U.N below.

[The Daily Loud]