The duality of David Banner is that he’s always embraced being a member of society willing to judge, critique and challenge the status quo. He’s been that way since we first came to know about him during his student government days in college. As his time on Earth has continued, so has his desire to push his platform and ideals. Its spread into his music as the Mississippi rapper with the smile and now unmistakable gray beard has continued pressing for self-awareness for all parties.

Banner’s The God Box is set to drop May 13th and before then he’s decided to release a prequel mixtape as a warmup. Banner’s Before The Box is a 16-track compilation of previously released tracks such as “My Uzi” with Big K.R.I.T., “Marry Me” & more, records that were either scrapped from The God Box, unreleased material and more. Banner’s guest list here is massive as Big K.R.I.T., UGK, T.I., Kap G, Tito Lo, Chris Brown, Michael “5000” Watts and more and all of them contribute to the larger, complex nature that is David Banner. Mixing both his whimsy with black nationalism, Before The Box is Banner lint deep into his bag, discussing police brutality, marriage, life and more. Stream the tape in full via Soundcloud and download it via DatPiff.

David Banner, Before The Box Tracklist
01. “My Uzi (feat. Big K.R.I.T. & UGK)”
02. “Black Fist (feat. Tito Lo)”
03. “Evil Knievil” (feat. Ernestine Johnson)”
04. “F La Policia” (feat. Kap G & T.I.)”
05. “Marry Me” (feat. Rudy Currence)”
06. “Blow In The Wind” (feat. Coke Bumaye, Savvy, Tricky 45, Hollywood Luck)”
07. “Black Liberation Theology Part 1″ (feat. Jasiri X & Tyhir Frost)”
08. “Pain” (feat. Coke Bumaye, Tito LO, Big K.R.I.T.)”
09. “Welcome To Mississippi” (feat. Savvy, Coke Bumaye & Tricky 45)”
10. “Warrior Interlude” (feat. DJ EFN)”
11. “The Cross” (feat. X)”
12. “Malcolm X (A Song For Me)”
13. “Believe (feat. Big K.R.I.T.)”
14. “Swag”
15. “Amazing (feat. Chris Brown)”
16. “My Uzi (Swishahouse Remix feat. Michael “5000” Watts)”