When he feels the need for it, Bobby Earth can flip his sound to match whoever he’s working with. The enigmatic Houston producer created low-fi dreamlike waves with his Milky Wayv collective and created woozy, drugged out pop for Lita Styles’ last EP. Bobby Earth can be a chameleon, and the idea is no more stronger than on his recently released Tope Raps Vol. 1 tape.

Taking four of his favorite rappers in Brice Blanco, Tim Woods and frequent collaborators Calenta & Chase of Nazareth, Earth compiles soundscapes that match the mood. He crafts a slurry, lifted up course for Tim Woods on tape standout “Birds & The Bees” and gets to stomped out militaristic funk for Blanco’s early shot on “Potholes”.

Stream Bobby Earth’s eclectic new tape below via Soundcloud.