Most NBA 2K players know the rules of shooting. The game fancies itself upon rewarding players for taking good shots and not over dribbling or taking contested shots. However, as Forbes has reported and many have confirmed — one player in the NBA breaks the matrix of NBA 2K16. Game developer Mike Wang has even appeared on Sportscenter to break down why Wardell Stephen Curry’s real life numbers, shooting tendencies and accuracy can’t be replicated in NBA 2K games, not even by his video game counterpart.

Wang tweeted out Tuesday night that another patch would be hitting NBA 2K16 today in regards to shooting. In particular, the update focuses on “green releases”, shots taken with perfect spacing and timing between a defender and contested three-pointers, two things Steph Curry does better than anyone in the league, arguably in history.

Shooting update going out late tonight that should make it slightly easier to get greens on open shots.

One (hopefully) last shot tweak 2AM PST. Easier greens on high % shots & slight hit to contested 3’s. Curious to read everyone’s feedback.

Although 2K isn’t calling it “The Steph Curry Code”, the emphasis on shooting in this particular iteration of the gold standard for basketball simulation has led many to believe that the update centers specifically around Curry’s exploits on the court and how others can find more success in regards to taking good shots & even contested three pointers.

Even ESPN conducted a study along with 2K to simulate 50 individual games for Curry in the 2015-16 season. The result? The real life version outpaced his NBA 2K16 counterpart in scoring, number of 30-point games, 20-point quarters and number of 3-pointers made. Curry’s 2K version topped out at 293. The real-life version has 301 (and counting).

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