Doesn’t matter what corner of the world you live on, March 9th will be a revered day for hip-hop heads, particularly fans of The Notorious B.I.G. Every year, people pay their tributes to the late Christopher Wallace whether it be personal essays, ranking his albums, songs, freestyles and scavenging the Internet looking for rare videos and clips. Leave it to MICK & Chi Duly to take a timeless legend and marry his voice to the shifting smoothness of beats from Metro Boomin’. The result lets you toy with the idea of hearing “Juicy” over Kanye West’s “Waves” or the “Where Brooklyn At?” freestyle sitting on top of Future & Drake’s “Where Ya At?” like Yokozuna on opponents. Ready To Boom is a pretty interesting listening experience, much like those old blend tapes and mixes that paired Biggie’s voice with songs from Frank Sinatra.

“We thought it would be cool to remix Biggie with a very contemporary vibe and kind of trap him out a little bit,” Mick told High Snobiety in a recent interview about Ready To Boom. “We wanted to introduce him to a new audience so they can appreciate his genius, too.” Biggie’s storytelling is still impeccable paired up with some of Metro’s instant classics such as “Stick Talk” and more. Stream Ready To Boom from MICK & Chi Duly below.

Other tributes have poured in on this March 9th. From producer NineElevin adding piano keys and stripping the sunniness of “Sky’s The Limit” to Biggie’s tour DJ Mister Cee and SNICKA teaming togetehr to blend some of Biggie’s classic verses with New York records of today such as “Milly Rock” and “Panda”. Stream MICK & Chi Duly’s Biggie tribute, Ready To Boom below.