Is Jon Snow still alive? That’s the main question going into the sixth season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones adaptation. After season five left plenty of fans gasping in horror and anguish the same way they did during “The Red Wedding”, “The Mountain vs. Red Viper” & other countless scenes, HBO’s continued to test and poke fans about the fate of the Night Watch leader. They’ve even had Kit Harrington downplay all of the drama surrounding Snow’s betrayal at the hands of his own men by saying he shot a ton of scenes as a corpse for this upcoming season. In other words, Kit Harrington wants you to believe that Jon Snow is dead even though your heart won’t let you say it’s true.

Finally, HBO gave Game Of Thrones fans a bit of a break and debuted the trailer for the show’s upcoming sixth season. From the onset, its clear that its about the be the bloodiest season yet in Westeros and Essos. We see that Jon Snow, the exiled scion is still in the same position season five left him. We also get a glimpse of the continued movements of Daenerys Targaryen and we can no doubt expect Cersei Lannister to exact plenty of hellfire and scorned revenge over the events of last season. Game of Thrones returns April 24 to take over your timelines and heart strings. See the debut trailer down below.